Saturday, 19 March 2011

And They Must Bring Towels With Them

It is understandable to ask them to bring towels but when there isn't enough room in the car, then we have a problem. It makes sense when my parents explain it, but then I feel guitly when I tell my crew. I can't win.

Watching Comic Relief, yes I did feel a tad guilty, but doesn't everyone. I mean I watched it purely because I wanted to see the Upstairs Downstairs Abbey skit, which was fantastic, and the Miranda segment, which was also 'such fun', but the documentary segments were truely aweful to watch and that is where the guilt comes in. I did donate though, while buying costumes for my film in TKMax. I thought I should, I have no money but it was only £1. But before all that charity, I felt guilty from this morning. It wasn't even my fault but I still felt bad. My house mate's film shoot was meant to start today but one of the actor's got the time wrong so the shoot had to be rescheduled for Tuesday. I felt guilty but it had nothing to do with me, I hate it when that happens. I even felt guilty about taking this bully's chair back in secondary school. I took it away from her as she watched and I felt bad. But I didn't feel bad when I ate those biscuits, its because I balanced them out with an apple. The balance is restored, all is well.

Another guilt trip always starts when my parents ring me, even if they don't say anything to make me feel guilty, it just seems to be an automatic feeling. But its time to move on from this and concentrate on the shoot and other things, possibly a trip to the cinema, even though I shouldn't.

Still feel guilty about the towels issue . . . .

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