Be not confused any further! It's ethnic confusion because of my background. But I'm not really confused. I have been told by my Nan that I am part Irish, Burmese (apparently there is a distant relative who was a Burmese Princess), Portuguese, Indian and of course English. Really I'm a Greater Londoner, a Whittonite, a Richmond Upon Thames dweller and I'm absolutely fine with that.

I am obsessed, in love with, consumed by film and cinema. I started this blog to chronicle my dissertation and the making of my film in my last year of University. From there it transformed into a platform for my day to day film thoughts and non film related activities as well a bit of fiction thrown in. These days, its more film, festivals and few bits about travel. Since the inception of my blog back in 2011, I have grown up a little and have joined communities and regular blogging groups, its been great! Let's hope this little blog with continue to grow.

I Graduated from University studying Film & TV Production (First Class Honours). You can watch my award winning film, Space Detective here. Ultimately my dream job would be to watch movies all day and write about them, then occasionally write and make my own films. As that is a dream (still working on that) my days are spent as a TV production company as the office assistant. My nights are spent at the movies, quiz nights, Pilates and generally geeking out.

I'm currently working a short film script with the help of my fellow film fans in crime. More on that when it happens. I am also still attempting to write my first novel as well as keeping with some short stories, some of which are available on my MEDIUM page.

Top Ten Films
Sin City
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
A Night of the Opera
Hot Fuzz
The Royal Tenenbaums
O Brother Where Art Thou
The Big Lebowski
Rear Window

Bonus: Some Like it Hot

Feel free to message me, whether is it film, fiction or even seal related: