Sunday, 8 January 2012

Five Courses of Tea and the Long Awaited Musical

For Mum's birthday, my Dad organised a few surprises. First, Afternoon Tea at the Savoy, then tickets to see The Lion King on stage.

But before we surprised Mum, we went for a wonder around Covent Garden and oh what a surprise I had there. We found The Moomin Shop, the most amazing Moomin Shop. I was spoilt for choice, I felt like a child in a candy/Moomin shop!

We climbed up the amazingly designed staircases, past all the regular characters and went into the attic like store. No photos of that I'm afraid, but I'm sure you can find one on the internet. They literally had every kind of product but I settled for a Moomin biscuit cutter, so expect some biscuits to appear in the near future.

At 3:30pm promptly we went for our Afternoon Tea at The Savoy. The room was beautiful, paintings on the wall, a gazebo type structure in the centre of the room, with a pianist playing music from all kinds of films, musicals and pop culture. Everything was so elegant, especially the staff. All smartly dressed and pouring our tea whenever we were running low. We each got to choose our own tea, Annie and me both went for the Lychee Red tea, an amazing tea! Then we enjoyed delicious finger sandwiches (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it) and they said 'don't be shy to ask for more if you want'. But, they brought out plates more anyway. With the sandwiches we had a scone each with clotted cream and a choice of raspberry jam or lemon curd. Of course I tried both and they were amazing. Straight after that, a plate of pastries was placed in front of (the nut free ones) and I finally got to try a whoopie cake thing. All the pastries were very dinky but oh so rich in taste. And then to top it all off, as well our third pot of tea (each) they brought a selection of cake! I and everyone else could only manage one slice of Apple & Cinnamon cake. When our server told us about what each course was I thought cake and pastry were the same course. It was an amazing tea! Just before we left, my Mum said to us, 'I know I'm going to regret saying this but, I've just realised where the pianist was."

We went for a walk around The Savoy as my Dad claimed we could leave through the Riverside entrance, but no, it was locked so we dashed back, past all the Gilbert & Sullivan production names and left with dignity, always dignity.

After climbing many staircases, we got to the upper circle of the Lyceum Theatre. We were sitting in the front row so we had an amazing view, but it was very high, very very high. I kept clinging to the railings on the walk to my seat as well as clinging to the wall when we had to leave. I don't do heights very well, not at all. Once in my seat I was able to enjoy the beyond amazing production. I had waited years to see it and it didn't disappoint. The music was just like how it was in the film, with added songs. The costumes and set were brilliant, and the puppets great. I forgot how much I love puppets!

The entire day was amazing!! I recommend both The Savoy and The Lion King, but just watch out for the balcony in the theatre if you're not fan of heights.

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