Sunday, 5 August 2012

July Watch List

1. Wanderlust
This is terrible film. Yes it's funny when we make fun of strange weird hippies but not for 98 minutes. I kept thinking there something deeper going on but no, nothing. The story is about New Yorker couple who have to move to Georgia to live with Paul Rudd's brother who is awful. They meet a house full of hippies and end up staying with them. Jennifer Aniston and Rudd's relationship is strained and boring. I sided with Rudd throughout because Aniston's character was an idiot. The only good part of the film was the end. That's it. Terrible film that was not funny. 1/5

2. The Five Year Engagement
Written by Jason Segal and directer Nicholas Stoller this film is brilliant. The story of Tom (Segal) and Violet's (Emily Blunt) engagement from proposal to break up to make up. I love Jason Segal so anything he writes I will automatically love. The story was like a roller coaster and was genuinely funny. The characters are hard to dislike at any point in the film and the ending is really sweet but bearable. I also loved the use of grandparent deaths to show the passing of time. 4/5

3. Electrick Children
A most beautiful film about a naive morman girl. Actually to be fair she is only naive because of her lack of teaching. Rachel lives in a Morman community where her father is the pastor. One night she comes across a blue tape and hears rock music for the first time. A few months later she discovers she is pregnant. She believes that the man singing on the tape is the father of her child. Of course no one believes her so they arrange for her to be married but she runs away. She finds herself in Las Vegas and decides to look for the man singing on the tape. Set in the 90's which is quite fresh look instead of the 60s, 70s and 80s, it was great to see/hear familiar things on screen. I grew up in the 90's I felt connected to this amazing film. It is the debut film from writer/directer Rebecca Thomas and seeing this gives me hope for the future of women filmmakers. 4/5

4. Magic Mike
Everyone (mainly women) who wanted to see this kept saying, 'I feel a bit bad, but I want to see this'. Why? Just because it was about a stripper? Its based on a true story and anyone on the fence, just go see it! It's actually a good film, apart from Alex Pettyfer and the horse faced woman who played his sister, they were REALLY annoying. Yes there is stripping and yes theres a sort of rags to riches element to it and Mike does want something more in life, but its a fun film. If it helps, its directed by Steven Soderbergh, who is awesome. 3/5

5. Paper Moon
This filmed had been recorded months ago and I only got round to watching it a few weeks back. Worth the wait. If anyone is fan of old 1930-1940s films, this is perfect. Filmed in the 1973 this film looks and feel as if it were shot in the 30s. Not just because its black and white but because of the story and the acting. Real life father and daughter, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal are Moze and Adie. Moze is a grifter/Bible salesman and may or may not be Adie's father. After Adie's mother dies he comes to pay his respects and ends up having to take Adie to her aunt's but they end up as team grifting as they go. It's a great film with added Madeline Kahn and with her you definitely can't go wrong. 4/5

6. Withnail & I
I've told so many thing about this film over the years. I knew quotes from it without even seeing it and I had everyone telling me to watch it. I know its a cult film and I can see why, but I may have missed the boat. The characters are amazing, Richard E. Grant is absolutely brilliant as always. Uncle Monty terrified me and I agree, more wine! 3/5

7. The Dark Knight Rises

8. We Bought a Zoo

Loved this story, didn't think I would but I did. Not a Scarlett Johansson fan but she was ok in this film. It was actually interesting to see how a zoo would function and the family story was well played. It was very sad with all the flash backs of the mum in photos and a dream like sequence but the animals made everything a whole lot better. Saying that, my only complaint, more animals! I wanted to see more animals. Also where were the seals??? 3/5

9. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
This is another film where everyone was asking have I watched it and that I should. Again, I can see why people liked it so much there hasn't been a film that actual has good roles for older actors. The story is about a group of assorted older British actors who have retired and go to live in a hotel especially for their age group in India. I thought it was going to be more amusing than it was and I thought there would be less Judi 'I'm so bored of this woman' Dench. The hotel itself looked incredible and the culture clash elements were great but after a while the only character I was interested in was Maggie Smith. 3/5

10. Contraband
Not something I would go out of my way to watch but I wanted to watch an action film. Better than I thought. But I would just like to say, at no point in this film does Mark Wahlberg tape money to his person in the film so this poster is confusing. The basic story is, Wahlberg's brother in law gets in trouble with the local drug ring when he fails to deliver the goods. Wahlberg steps in to help after having quit the business years previous. There are twists and turns and a random appearance from Diego Luna and overall a pretty entertaining film. 3/5

11. Crazy Stupid Love

I'm going to say it, people will hate me but I didn't think much of this film. I felt sorry for Cal (Steve Carrell) the whole way through, Emma Stone was not in it enough and even though I think Ryan Gosling is an awesome actor, I hated his character, he did not suit the part at all. The only part of the film I liked was the end. It was hilarious and an actual surprise, I didn't stop laughing. But otherwise a disappointment. 2/5

12. Project X
 From the makers of 'The Hangover' across the original poster really put me off but the trailer looked awesome. The ultimate house party looked very appealing especially it was shot, or was made to look like it was shot with a dv cam by the mysterious Dax. Three friends in their senior year in high school decide to have a gigantic party when one of their parents go away for the weekend. The party gets way out of control with the party going up in flames and the police arresting the three friends. During filming extras and attendees were given recording devices to show different aspects of the film as well as including fictional news casts. A great idea and genuinely laugh out loud funny. 4/5

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