Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dark Forces Are At Work Here

So, I signed up to Netflix a while back so I could watch films and television series. That back fired. I ended up with a HUGE BT bill at the end of the two months I used it. Plus there was hardly any new films and shows on the site. But it did have Poirot.

Then I got quite a good deal from Blockbuster online rental, or so I thought.

They promised newly released films on my doorstep with first class delivery. Well what I got was films on the bottom of my list, and its been like that for two months. Simply not good enough. Another tempting aspect of the deal is that when you return a disc you get another sent straight away. Lies. You can also keep the disc as long as you want. Here is the flaw.

If some bint you wanted to see, say, the Norwegian film, Headhunters, they could keep it for weeks, hell, months! But oh wait they didn't want that film as they realised its got subtitles but they still get it before someone who knows exactly what Headhunters is and has waited for it for two months. I have emailed and complained and all I got back was garble basically.

I don't understand where all these people are who want to watch the film. From my time working at a store, probably 1% of the customers rented a subtitled film, myself included in that. So, I just don't understand where all these people are who rented the film.

Is is fate? Is it bad organisation and lies? Either way the situation, to me, is beyond ridiculous. All I want is to do is watch Headhunters . . .  and The Cabin in the Woods. Why is that so difficult!!!!!

Moral of the story is; don't sign up to Blockbuster online, its a waste of time and you don't actually get what you pay for.

Maybe its time I finally use my Love Film code . . .

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