Monday, 1 October 2012

Women Are More Like Gentlemen Than Men

Don't worry this isn't a feminist rant. Just an observation.

This is the modern age and I understand that. But there is something called courtesy that I think may people have forgotten such as stopping for predestrians at a zebra crossing.

Several times now, I have left the train station after a long day at work and have tried to cross only to have cars drive past right in front of me. I have even been in the middle of crossing and the cars still think they can run me over. Idiots. That sort of thing isn't really courtesy but more just plain wrong.

Its the simple things I have noticed like opening a door. When I have to been to shops or other offices, its always the women who hold the door. I tend to hold the door open for people, unless the person is rude or moody, if they say thank you, I'll smile, if they don't just say 'bastard' under my breath. If they hear they hear, if they they don't. That's not the point. I have been carrying lots of bags or holding lots of things in my hands and been walking right behind a man, he shuts the door behind him and walks off. Then a woman has come and helped. A woman will wait if they seen someone coming to that door and hold it for them. A man pushes the door shut. This has happened many times. Its the same with getting on a train or tube, the guys push forward while the women stand back to let people off.

In other instances, woman are more likely to move up on a seat on the train. But the last few times I have got the train and sat in the two seats, I have either been sat on, even after trying to move, or the man has taken up one and half seats, so I perch on the end. That man in particular was disgusting, he turned to cough on me a few times. I said something to myself but he was awful and didn't listen.

Saying this the other day a woman, talking very loudly on the phone on the train would not stop, she was so loud and there was no need to be. A man got so angry he yelled "OI! SHUT THE F*** UP!" she was silent for a moment then continued to shout. The man left tutting.

But most of the time the men don't think. It's just polite to wait for people to leave the train first, it's polite to hold the door. To me it's common sense. But I don't expect everyone to be that way.

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