Monday, 21 January 2013

The Play's The Thing

Back in 2006 I was taking Drama GCSE. For part of the course we had were put into groups of 4/5 and were each given a play that we had to perform as part of our final grade. We also has to add our own parts to it as well as edit the existing script.

Most people in our year were given 'Shakers' to perform. The first act of a play about cocktail waitress'. A few others were given 'Metamorphosis', a stage version of Kafka's famous novella. Our group were the only group to be given 'Bazaar and Rummage' by Sue Townsend, a play about a group of agoraphobics who were holding a rummage sale in a church hall as part of their treatment.

Not to sound big headed but our play and version of it was amazing. We cut parts out, introduced each character with music and slow moment and incorporated flashbacks for each character. The music intros had started off as a joke but after we kept using them. We ended our performance with Electric Six's High Voltage. Why? Not for any reason in particular apart from that we wanted to. We all got high marks for that piece.

During college I sought out the rest of the play, seeing as I only had Act One but didn't actually read the rest of it until Uni. I have never had any desire to direct a play (mostly because I never have before, only films me) but this play would be perfect.

I have a year, roughly to sort out something, but I am really hoping to direct this play and see up on a small stage. There is perfect place for it seeing as there are only two short acts, both only one scene and it is set in a church hall.

This play is the thing!

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