Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spectacular Spectacular!

Last night was one of the funnest (is that a word?) cinema experiences I've ever had!

Of course it was the Moulin Rouge sing-a-long at the Prince Charles Cinema. It was full to the brim of glitter, crazy costumes, plastic cups of booze and love for the amazing musical that brought musicals back to the big screen. The cinema was sold out, people with tickets were queuing to get in, it was almost chaos. It was beautiful.

I saw Moulin Rouge on my 12th birthday and fell in love with it. It is the movie (along with Lord of the Rings) that made me want to work in film. That is indeed a powerful film. I think everyone in the room had experienced some kind of special connection with it or like the Spanish sounding guys sat behind us in the cinema, just really loved Ewan McGregor.

When we were all herded into the cinema, we were all presented with a glittery hat, a glow stick, paper money, a party popper and a tissue. This was similar to the Labyrinth quote-a-long where we were all given goody bags with items to use throughout the film. All the item were used for different parts of the film. For those who haven't seen the film this may a tad confusing.

Glittery hat: used to wear throughout and to dance with during 'Rhythm of the Night sequence'
Glow Stick: to be used at the start when the conductor appears at the bottom of the screen
Paper money: to be waved when Satine sings 'Sparkling Diamonds'
Party Popper: to be popped at the end of act one
Tissue: Used to sob into when Satine dies (not a spoiler, you find out at the start)

Complete with intermission too, this mean that many people in the audience was smashed by the second act. But with a screening of a musical where literally everybody is singing at the top of their lungs and yelling out the lines anyway, it didn't actually matter. It was amazing. I too was singing along to all but one of the songs. I didn't sing 'One Day I'll Fly Away' it was my vocal break, I had to gear up to sing the best song ever, 'Elephant Love Medley', which is many songs in one. Of course everyone stood up for that one. Oh we did sort of jig along to 'Because We Can' cancan.

An epic night. I can't wait til it comes around again.

Taken at intermission, everyone went to the bar.
 Although I might have to rethink the hat. I was still covered in glitter in the morning.

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