Sunday, 20 July 2014

What's a Hen To Do

After weeks of careful planning and excellent organisational skills, thank you so much to my fellow bridesmaids, the Hen Do of the year took place.

My sister is getting married next month and we wanted to make the best 'sending off' party. I never understood why at hen dos they make the bride wear a L plate. It's weird. Apart from that, we did follow in tradition, we got my sister a veil to wear, along a shot glass she could wear around her neck with a small surprise inside. We even got some straws shaped into phallic objects and fashioned the balloons into something similar. We also bought my sister a fancy sash to wear.

The evening went off without a hitch and everyone (I hope) had a great time. We started the evening at one of the bridesmaid's flats where she put on an amazing spread. My contribution was the good old rocky road - this time with added ice cream.

We all gathered early and surprised my sister with drinks, food, decorations and a Mr & Mrs quiz, where I asked her fiancé some questions via video and she guessed the answers - if she got them wrong she had to take a shot. Most enjoyable.

Drink Shop Do, a brilliant place for cocktails and a dance, was our next stop. Not Do S**t Bake, which is what someone thought it was. The cocktails were delicious, as usual, and we also got to dance to some cheesy music! The party continued on at The House of Wolf a pretty impressive, if small, club in Islington. It was an old victorian music hall, with an Apothecary bar making experimental drinks complete with a secret room. It is also where my sister tried to bargain with a shot girl. We actually ended up staying until closing time - 4am!

But we couldn't resist the empty dance floor towards the end and the non-stop 90s classics. But I couldn't stand for the last few songs, my feet had had it. 

It was a brilliant night, so glad that everyone made and my sister had an amazing - and one amazing hangover the next day

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