Sunday, 29 March 2015


I'm not sure if this is true or not, but during school or possibly college, the word 'brainstorm' was going to be banned because it was potentially offensive. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. But, as I can't remember where I heard this, and having not heard of anything since, apart from that it was to be called 'mind mapping' instead, this crazy idea might be changed.

Anyway, I've had to do quite a bit of 'brainstorming' lately as I'm trying to complete a project but I'm having some difficulty. I was told that there is not such thing as 'writer's block' and it was just something writer's used as an excuse. I'll agree to that but this time, its not excuse. I literally have too many ideas that I want to use and they are mostly conflicting. I know that the simplest of ideas are the best and lead to great ideas, story, characters and so on, but the desire to create something from scratch and not have any previous ideas get in the way is causing 'writer's block', leading me to 'brainstorm' everything.

It doesn't help that I have had next to no sleep this entire week, but I won't harp on about that. Usually I do my best work in the early hours of the morning, a 2am miracle. That's how I came up with two of best stories (in my opinion). The rest all happened when I was no where near my desk or even London. But being able to write only by the coast or in the forest gets a little expensive.

My compromise was to find the perfect place to write in a cafe or coffee shop but so far I haven't found that dream combo close to home.

I think the key to completing a project is:

LOCATION + IDEA x TIME = Completed Project

At least this is what I'm hoping is the winning formula and nothing more complicated.


  1. What about that cafe in Twickenham? Not long to go till Cornwall :) x

  2. Counting down the days! Hmmm I could go there, but it's usually really busy ... x