Saturday, 19 March 2016

Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Have Or Want

 I always thought I wouldn't be able to get a tattoo a they were painful. But the desire for one was great. I took years to decide what I wanted and it always came back to two things, Tolkien and Alice in Wonderland. The tattoo for the latter was too complicated and I had no idea if I could stand the pain or the sittings it would take. I had seen a couple of friends with their amazing colourful gigantic tattoo and heard the stories. So I went for an illustration from one of my favourite books from childhood and adulthood too. Smaug.

My sister and I got our tattoos on the same day. Her's was one she designed and was her second. This was my first tattoo. As I could stand the pain, I got another a year or so later. My little tribal fox was planned almost as soon as I got my first but I took my time to get it. I'm working my way up to something more intricate and also saving up for something more detailed, but it all comes down to whether I can stand the pain. In a world where tattoos don't hurt, these would be my 'geeky' choices.

Of course I would have an Alice in Wonderland illustration, ideally involving the Cheshire Cat.

I love Tolkien's world and I think a tattoo of the Leaves of Lorien would be beautiful.

I'm a huge Fables comic fan, particularly James Jean's art work. I dream of having the cover of volume 2, Animal Farm, somewhere on my person, possibley on my upper back, but its just a dream.

Or just having James Jean's normal, weird and wonderful art work on me, or a mixture of both.

 These, unfortunately are all too detailed and therefore painful and expensive. I have two tattoos but I still plan on more, in fact my sister and I will planning our next ones together.


  1. I love Fables - that'd be an amazing back tattoo!

  2. I wish I could afford and have the courage to get it :)

  3. Great post, and I love your tattoos! I got my first tattoo last year and caught the bug. I've got a Harry Potter quote on my wrist 'All was well', a Lilo & Stitch illustration on my thigh and an origami X-Wing on my calf. I'm still planning on more but they're so expensive!
    I was always told being tattoo'd somewhere close to the bone hurt the most, but I've found the opposite, and it's the fleshy parts that hurt me more!
    - Allie

  4. Thank you :) Ah the X-Wing tattoo sounds awesome! I know what you mean, I have gone for small tattoos but even they are pricey. Both are on my arms, my second hurt more but that because it has more detail. I've heard that too from my friend with the giant back tattoo, but I think that was because he had 3 sittings lasting hours.