Saturday, 2 April 2016

March Watch List

A Bigger Splash
My friend and I were intrigued for the same reason -  Matthias Schoenaerts. But in truth I was more interested in his newest film, Disorder which I missed as it was at the cinema for 1 week only. I really wanted to see this because of Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes. Their chemistry in this film was electrifying. Swinton is rare actress where she is laid back in interviews and seems to take everything in her stride and at the same time be mesmerizing in anything and everything. She character, an almost washed up rockstar hides out on an Italian island with her boyfriend while she recovers from a throat operation. They are intrupted by her ex, music producer and his newly found teenage daughter. She barely speaks throughout the film which was irritating at first but she communicates through action and expression which is perfect as Harry (Fiennes) doesn't stop talking. He is awful and he knows it but they each have a hold over one another and it plays out well. This leaves Paul (Schoenaerts) to be the strong, sober voice of reason and calm throughout. Only Dakota Johnson lets the team down playing the sullen teen pretending to be older. She tries to be mystrious but ends up just getting in the way and acting incestious towards her 'dad'. Labelled as a thriller is an over reach, its a slow burner but at times is hard not to ignore. 3/5

Hail Caesar!
Watch this space. Prepare for theories.

The Big Short
Having read about the film very little, but enjoyed the trailers and the awards buzz around the film being intriguing, I had a spare few hours so went to see this film. The cast was impressive and the maths and logic surrounding the film was intimidating. I tried my best to follow what was actually happening but alas I couldn't follow and I spent the rest of the time trying to work out if something good or bad happened. If it seemed good I ate a caramac button, bad, I ate a cracker. Those were the only snacks I had with me. It was so complicated, even the parts where they 'dummed things down' with help from famous people. The only bit I understood was a scene in a casino. My uncle had read the book but couldn't remember anything about it so I was at a loss as to who could explain any of it to me. But I thought Christian Bale's character or real life person he was based on was good.  2/5

Presinct Seven Five
I missed this as the cinema as it was only on for a week but I saw it cheap so couldn't ignore it. This documentary was about police corruption in 80s Brooklyn, New York. The film focused on a handful of cops who committed crimes, stole money and eventually worked for the mob. Mike Dowd was the most notorious corrupt cop who was eventually arrested and let out on bail, as was his partner Kenny. But only Mike went to trial. It's a brilliant film but I couldn't believe what these cops did, it was insane. I can't explain any further as its a film that you need to see for yourself. 4/5

How can I describe this amazing film from Disney in just a paragraph? I had been excited about this film since it was called Zootopia and the premise was different. An image of a cocky looking fox standing amongst lots of rabbits was sent to me by my all knowing Disney genius friend years ago and until late last year I had heard nothing. Then lots of trailers came out and I felt spoilt. The film delivered more than I expected. In a world where humans (and apes) don't exist but they are all evolved. Prey and predadtors live together is harmony with the city of Zootropolis being the centre of this truce. The city is vast with 12 distinct eco systems but we only get to see a few. Judy Hopps the optimistic hardworking bunny from the burrows becomes the city's first rabbit cop and moves to the big city to fulfil her dream. She is shut down and given a medicore position until she takes on a missing animal case. She teams up with, well, hustles con artist Nick Wilde, a fox, to solve the case. They are a fantastic duo. I love murder mysteries and crime dramas so, when Disney makes one with animals, I was at the preview. Of course to make the story child friendly, its a missing animal not dead animal but still amazing film, story, art, its beautiful to behold. After my second viewing my friend and I thought of the animals missing. No birds, no reptiles, no amphibians and no fish like mammals. But you never know, there could be a sequel? 5/5


  1. wendell ottley4 April 2016 at 01:04

    Haven't seen any of these yet, but I plan on seeing Zootopia soon (it is still called that here in the States).

  2. Theres a couple of old ones in there :)

    Really? Wonder why they changes it for UK, weird. Its very good, I'm sure you will enjoy it!