Sunday, 10 July 2016

She Likes Movies

I've been talking about this for far too long and I feel the groans around the room whenever I talk about it, write about it and Tweet about it. I have finally renamed my blog, She Likes Movies.

Like most things I do that seem to take off, they all begin with or as a joke, Ever So Ethnically Confused was no exception. It was a blog I started to document my progress and then completion of my dissertation and a way to update on the shooting and editing of my final year film. After graduation I branched out and write more about myself, with the occasional fictional story thrown in as well as my day to day thoughts. The usual thing to happen on a blog.

After 6 years of blogging it was high time I changed the name. Ever So Ethnically Confused doesn't exactly scream 'film blogger' and I have, over the last few years honed in on my thoughts on film and my obsession for film and TV. From now on, film and TV is what I will be concentrating on, maybe with a few more serious posts too.

I will still be adding and changing bits and pieces but this is now the official home of my film and TV thoughts, rants and adventures. Thank you to all those have commented on my posts and those who stopped by to read my ramblings. A new era is beginning in the least dramatic way, just the way it should be right?

I hope I can tempt any readers out there to follow me to my new blog, She Like Movies.

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