Space Detective

Written, Directed and Edited by Katie Hogan
Award: Stanley Kubrick Prize for Fiction

Livien is a writer. She is under pressure from her superior to write a new play. But She has writer's block. One night she is visited by the genre, Noir, who tells her others will also come to help her finish her play. Noir, Romance and Sci-Fi with a little help from a few others, come together to help her finish the play before fading away on the dress rehearsal of, Space Detective.

Whilst trying to write another story at 2am, I had needed a rest, so I started writing a scene which evolved into Space Detective. When writing anything, it is usually best to write it in the early hours of the morning and when you're under pressure, these conditions I find usually produce the best results.

Below is a link to my Vimeo page where you will find the complete Space Detective and my rather out of date Show reel:


Directed & Edited by Emily Attwood, 
Written by Katie Hogan, 
Produced by Dare Emmanuel, Tom Butler and Emily Attwood.

This is the third short in the Flamingo Close series. We meet Cass, who finds herself suddenly surrounded by zombies in a multi-story car park at night.

RAAR! Film's short film was funded entirely by family, friends and fans via indiegogo. All contributors are featured in the credits. 

RAAR! Films is a team of enthusiastic creatives that are brand new to the industry. They are dedicated to supporting other new and young talent in independent film production.

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Here is a link to the short film and others in the same project: