Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ah Man, I Was a Cupcake

So I have difficulty spelling especially when typing. I keep making this mistake on twitter and not everyone understands what I mean, for example, the title of the post.

The real news is this, on Tuesday at the Visions Festival, all the shortlisted films were shown after a few talks in the morning. I was quite nervous when I had to introduce my film. I didn't really say much just 'this is Space Detective and its about a young writer with writer's block and actually was written when I was trying to write something else. I would also like to thank my cast and crew, they were awesome' and then I ran off stage.

Later were the awards. I'll hurry this along, basically, as I sat there while Jan Harlan (the late Stanely Kubrick's producer on many of his films) gave a little speech about good scripts, I began to get even more nervous. I didn't think I would win but then he said 'I'm going to give the award to the Space Detective' and everybody started clapping, I wasn't sure whether to get up or not. When I finally moved from my seat and got up on stage, I was really shaken and didn't know how long I could smile for. Jan gave me the award and Howard handed me some yellow flowers, then I ran off stage, after saying thank you about a thousand times. I really didn't think I would win, I honestly didn't think I would. But I'm couldn't be happier that a drag cameo, some crazy genres, a spoon covered in blood and a pair of over sized glasses won the prize.

So there you have it, Space Detective won The Kubrick Prize for Fiction at Visions Festival. Thank you again to me awesome crew and amazing cast!

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