Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Most Excellent Week and End So Far . . .

Wednesday was the party, Thursday was the Exhibition opening, Friday was Chessington, Saturday was, well a long day and mostly just me sitting in the edit suit, but Sunday was surprisingly good!

Be prepared for a long blog today! I'll skip the party for now, on to the Exhibition. The bar that spent Monday painting was put to good use as a popcorn and drinks bar which was amazing we has jealous students from other courses trying to steal the popcorn away. The studio looked great made up like a little cinema and the edit suit was busy all night with people going in and out looking at our films. It was a success in my eyes. I did go and look at the multimedia exhibition upstairs and the special effects work in the gallery, some awesome designs and models. It was great to be apart of! But there was a downside, I had to go sit in the edit suit all Saturday afternoon, as no one had volunteered, all on my lonesome. No one came in for almost two hours, but then a group of people came in, loudly and couldn't work out how to watch the films. Obviously I helped them. Then later a really nice lady came in a watched my film, luckily she enjoyed it, said the image caught her eye. Yellow was definitely a good choice.

Friday we went to Chessington, truly a world of adventures! Not only did we go on a few rides, the dragon ride being the best, but we also watched a sealion show! It would have been even better if it hadn't been over crowded with children, who I might add, stole all the best seats and didn't even know what was going on! We also looked around the zoo which was also far better than I remembered. We found a very sad looking binturong all alone. Later I was told by one of the volunteers there that the baby binturong had escaped into the lion's area and it was killed by the lion. No wonder the adult binturong was so sad. On a slightly happier note we also went to the sealife centre where I touched a dog fish but then the salt water stung my hand. But the best was yet to be discovered because in the gift shop I found a seal money box and a seal mug, which I just couldn't resist!

This brings us to Sunday. Nothing special, managed to write a poem version of the epic story We Rode The Hills then I submitted my film to another festival, Cinematique. Its a student festival and it is at BFI IMAX 4th July, remember the date because my film, Space Detective will be on the programme! Its looking to be a very good day!

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