Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Distraction! Distraction! Distraction!

I know I've neglected writing this blog but I have several good reasons. Mostly because I've been job hunting (some interviews, all except one were for unpaid work and an internship which I am currently in the middle of) and partly because I've tried to distract myself with other small projects. I definitely was distracted for a while.

I managed to have to massive clear outs and still not actually throw much away, I've gone to the cinema (but seen everything I wanted to see), gone down memory lane with the family, tried and failed to escape the country (not as dramatic as it sounds), visited Southbank in all its summer beach hut glory and of course desperately looked for work.  People keep saying don't worry you'll find work and that it takes time, I understand this but I am impatient. Not the best quality to have I admit. And the truth is, I've had plenty of unpaid work offered my way, I just need a paid job!

The result of my impatient nature are my own personal side projects. First of all I started 'The Great Postcard Resolution' in which I sent out lots of postcards to a select few. I collect postcards and I simply enjoy sending them out and I think most people like receiving post, especially if its a postcard.
If you would like me to send you some random postcards, no obligation to reply, just send me a message!

Other side projects include me deciding to watch the entire Battlestar Galactica TV epic from start to finish now that I have all seasons. I am also still writing poetry as I received some good news that one of poems will be published (third time) and I have my writing projects that I will keep under my hat, for now.

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