Sunday, 13 November 2011

TV Show Conundrums and Roller Derby Update

Last night I not only thought up a new story (Cake and Death) but I also realised that I still hadn't finished Six Feet Under season 2. Is this a bad thing? I really enjoyed the first season then became less bothered with the story in the second season. I enjoyed it but there was less need for me to know what happened unlike how I am with Pan Am and Boardwalk Empire. I still have it sitting on my self hiding behind my earring tree and every now and then I think, 'Maybe I should watch this because if  I don't, I know I'll sell it if I need money'. I bought season 3 at the same time thinking I'll get hooked like I always do but now I'm starting to think I'm better off just selling it and reading the story online . . .

 I have also missed quite a few films over the past three weeks such as The Ides of March, Anonymous and I have a horrible feeling that I have missed Miranda July's new film, The Future, which I have waited years for. But I will not miss The Deep Blue Sea as I plan on booking a ticket so I can't miss it. So look out for a blog about soon.

Anyway, this Saturday, after missing quite a few games, my sister and I went to Roller Derby for the start of the new season. First was game was the London Brawling team against the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz all the way from South Dakota, USA. After a brutal game the scores were London Brawling 307-19 Sioux Falls Roller Dollz. Then after hiding our smuggled in beer from the security guard, we enjoyed a charity donut and watched our team, Steam Rollers, the defending champions play the Suffra Jets in the first league game of the season. Of course my sister and I were cheering for our favourite players including best jammer, Fox Sake. This season featured quite a few new team members and they were  awesome players. Steam Rollers won the bout 217 -128. It was a great day overall, just hope I can make it to the next bout.

Short post today.

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