Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Day I Missed My Train For a Sandwich

Have you ever been in a situation when you've had a long day or you're just plain tired and by the time you get to the train station or bus stop, you're really hungry? Then you spy a place to get a snack or a drink or just something to eat on the train/bus home. You look at the time your train/bus is due, calculate if you have enough time to go get your snack and be back in time, hesitate, waste time deciding then just go for it. You pick what you want but then the queue is longer than expected but its still ok, you have enough time if you run. You're happy you've got the snack, you run down the station/across the street and get to the platform/stop but then you look at the time and you've just missed it by 1 minute.

This is incredibly annoying.

It happened to me today. Usually I only got get a drink or a sandwich if I have at least 20 mins until my train departs and I haven't eaten for 7 hours. Otherwise I ALWAYS miss the train or bus. Though today I had been looking forward to this particular sandwich from M&S and had included time in my journey just so I could go get it. I had to get up at 5:30 today so naturally I had breakfast very early indeed and by the time I got to Waterloo at 13:00 I was very hungry. I had 15 mins before my train departed and it was the slow train so I really did need food for this. I got to M&S and searched high and low for this amazing sandwich but couldn't find it. (Every time I mention the sandwich I feel I sound like Liz Lemon, but really you have no idea how amazing this sandwich is. It has pear, cheese, salad, some kind of chutney in it and the least amount of mayo, so good.) Anyway I couldn't find it and I was very disappointed so I just picked up the next best thing, Ploughman's. The queue wasn't too long and then walked quickly back to the platform only to watch my train leave.

When I eventually got on a train (again a slow train, most annoying) I ate the sandwich I bought and it was the worst. This was mostly because it was moist and way TOO MUCH frickin mayo. I hate mayo in sandwiches it ruins it. I've even been known to be very sick after eating a simple sandwich with too much mayo inside. I hate it. And all this happened after I had had a pretty good morning.

So if you do find yourself in the situation, always think, is this sandwich worth it . . .

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