Thursday, 8 December 2011

Important Pieces of the Past

Whilst rummaging through some boxes I found an important document.

According to this document I weighed 4 stone, my favourite colour was orange and I was going to be a trampoline star. My how things have changed, my favourite colour is now purple if I was pushed to choose.

Age 7 me also drew a rather fancy picture of me too but it won't see the light of day, the eyes are just too accurate for an age 7 year old me to get right. Some more incriminating evidence in the document is my birthplace, place of residence, eye colour, hair colour (which I said, and I quote "drack brown") and favourite food, which was Corn Pops, whatever they were.

Worryingly the only questions I didn't answer were my height and my favourite TV programmes. At that age I watched many awesome 90s shows and have had frequent conversation with people about them. So why did I leave it blank?

Along with this 'passport' from when I was 7 I also found 3 boxes full of old cards from my christening to my most recent birthday. The ones that were missing were from my 16th birthday as they all ended up on a bonfire by accident at a house party I had. But the others, I didn't have the heart to throw them away so I've decided to do what I always do. Make a piece of art work out of them. Watch this space!

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