Monday, 5 December 2011

The Death of Whitton

Alas poor Whitton, I knew it well.

If we were to compare Whitton now to Whitton then, we'd all become nostalgic and ill, especially me as there used to be a cinema up the High Street.

But now, all there is up the High Street are charity shops, coffee shops, empty shops, so called convenience places and various awful bargain bin shops. Its hideous and depressing.

And now that a Lidal has opened (the sign of all respectability has gone) it feels like the last straw. I and and many others have been saying for too long now that Whitton is becoming more like Hounslow and that place is simply, as Liz Lemon would say, 'the worst'. I have nothing nice to say about that place, that borough in fact. Except that the theatre in Hounslow Treaty Centre used to be good but its now being shut down. I remember watching pantomimes at the Paul Robeson Theatre when I was younger and I even performed some Shakespeare there with my school. The community doesn't make use of it, a whole theatre gone to waste. And to add to it now that the HMV has also shut down there, I have no reason to go to Hounslow.

I see this happening to Whitton. I was gone for three years and everything has changed for the worse. And I have to add, what the hell is going on with the Christmas decorations this year? Every shop used to put up a tree, then it was flags because the trees were too expensive but this year its just bits of bunting?? Very disappointed with my home town. I just hope that next Christmas things will change but everything I know will just be awful.

I do try to be upbeat in these posts but Whitton, you've let me down.

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