Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Fox Like Craft Affair

Yesterday my sister and I went to awesome craft fair, Crafty Fox Spring Market at the Dogstar pub in Brixton. All the stalls were so pretty filled in the brim with everything crafty, all different designs and makes (most had an animal or tea theme) and I definitely be looking a few websites and blogs because of the fair/market.

The pub had three level, both 1 and 2 had various stalls and on 2 there was a fantastic tea area where we bought banoffee cupcakes (and consumed them later), they were delicious. Then on the top floor various workshops were taking place. By the time we got there, the origami class was over but to my sister's delight there was a knitting workshop going on. Of course we joined in and we were taught by a woman who has been knitting for 42 years and had learnt to knit at the age of 5 along with the rest of the 42 people in her class at the time. My sister (named yellow, because that was the colour of the wool she was using) and another girl (white) who had joined in got the hang of it quite quickly but I (red) struggled on for about half an hour but even after I thought I understood what was happening I had messed up lines. In conclusion, I don't think knitting is for me.

Despite my lack of aptitude for knitting, I had a really great time and I know my sister was very excited about knitting and finally knowing how to start it. But I am disappointed I couldn't be there for the second day, as the workshop, printing your own tote bag, was more my thing. As I've always loved fancy tote bags.

The craft fair was also a great place for inspiration (hinting at my brooches and cards) and has made me want to branch out of the designs I've done.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I used a disposable camera for the event, there is a severe lack of photos in this post, so I apologise. And as soon as the photos are developed I will put them up on here.

Do have a look on the blog and come along to the next event:

Here are the things I got at the fair and the fantastic artists/crafters who made/designed them:

 From the top: Butterscotch & Beesting (Confectionery and Magic), postcard designed by Mike Hill, card designed by Stacie Swift, card designed by Clare Shields, postcard and stickers by Sophie Parker and the marvelous fox coaster I'm not sure of the name of the crafter, as they didn't put in a card, but I love it!

Happy crafting!

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