Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Musical Bingo!

A few weeks back, my sister and I finally went to Drink Shop Do, the most amazing place, just round the corner from Kings Cross Station. As the name suggests you can have a look in their shop full of hand crafted goods, you can drink in their fabulous bar (the cocktails are amazing) and you can do or take part in the activities their. Our choice was Musical Bingo!

Just like regular Bingo but with music instead of numbers. We sat at our reserved table, which had mixed matching chairs, and drank our delicious cocktails (above). We also indulged in some cake, but unfortunately all but the brownie had nuts in it, but it was amazing. Then at 7:30, the menus changed, people all took their places, and our host, the awesome Jess Indeedy got the ball rolling. 

The first round was Motown Music, and seeing my sister is just very lucky, she won first prize (one full line). As we were sitting at the table furthest away from our host, it was going to be a very long way to run to her, as requested, to show her our bingo sheet. Jess Indeedy had appointed a guy sitting a nearer table to 'jump up and down' to get her attention if anyone in the back room won. This guy did just that, but didn't again. But anyway, my sister won some very tasty teacakes, which we enjoyed later with our second round of Bingotinis.

The second round was Soundtracks, my personal favourite. There were some songs that I just wanted to hear but alas I never got to hear them. My sister, being very lucky (I know I've said it) won again, this time full house. The last song she had to cross off was 'Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel' and as the song before it was playing I predicted she would win, and gently started pulling the table away so she had room to run. But the plan changed to, me jumping up and screaming, then making a mad dash through the bar to the host. We won a round of Bingotinis, which was perfect timing as we were craving another drink. Those Bingotinis were so good.

We weren't lucky in the third and fourth round, 80s and then Hip Hop. But we did have fun singing along to the songs. Then during the Hip Hop round, tiredness and the worry of missing last trains got the better of us, so we said good bye to the host and promised to return next month. And we will definitely be going next time!

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