Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Always the Questions

Whenever you meet new people and you tell them what you do or like, especially if it's in the creative industry, its the same questions. For example, if it's music, you are asked, "what's your favourite band?" or "So what instruments do you play?" or if you an artist, 'What do you draw/paint/make?". Sometimes the questions are insulting or said in a way to make the creative person useless. But the age old question that I get asked, many times, and it's usually said as if I've never heard or been asked this question before is, "What's your favourite film?" or "What are your top ten favourite films?". Usually it's a good conversation starter, but I never get past the first few because an argument starts or the other person simply switches to their favourites.

To be honest, I'm always interested to know what films people like, even if I am disgusted, delighted or surprised. Most people who know me think I'm very opinionated when it comes to films and television, but guess what, so is everyone who works in film/television and that's the way it should be (and that's what makes us awesome).

My top ten films usually stays the same except one that always changes, depending on what I've seen.

But right at this moment the list stands, in no particular order, as:

1. Sin City (actually my favourite film)
2. The Lord of the Rings Triology (they are one so they all get to be here)
3. Marx Brother's A Night at the Opera
4. The Royal Tenenbaums
5. O Brother Where Art Thou?
6. Amelie
7. Hot Fuzz
8. The Big Lebowski
9. Rear Window
10. Drive (it may be new, but its amazing)

I'm sure if you all think about it, you all have at least a top 5 list. So feel free to send me a list of your favourite films, no judging I promise, I'm just interested.

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1 comment:

  1. 1. Back to the future
    2. Some like it hot
    3. Night at the opera
    4. Spirited Away
    5. The Sting
    6. Pulp Fiction
    7. Drop Dead Gorgeous
    8. Casablanca

    Here's the top 8 (struggling to find the final two), judge away.