Monday, 23 April 2012

The Day George Killed the Dragon

Just wanted to say Happy St George's Day to everyone.

And of course to say that no one ever really celebrates St George's Day except the British, but only in small ways. For example local towns have markets and parades, like my home town. Pubs and restaurants have special deals on but that is basically it.

I remember at secondary school my head of year was Irish so every year she would make a great deal of St Patrick's Day and force everyone to sing and got people to do some irish dancing at assemblies BUT when it came to St George's Day she just announced it and that was it. When people asked her to do a proper assembly for the Saint's day, she made a hideous face and said why don't you do it. Then again she was an awful teacher, and biast towards her form class anyway.

It would just be nice to see a little more effort go into St George's Day. As much effort and support as when the football/rugby World Cup is on.

Anyway, Happy St George's Day!

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