Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Argument With One's Self

There has been plenty of times that I have wondered into a room where someone is having a conversation or worse, an argument with their selves. If its the latter, run away as soon as you realise otherwise, bad things happen.

The person having an argument with themselves can be spotted by the way they are standing or moving. They are usually facing away from any doorways or windows and are, at first busy doing something. Such as, making a cup of tea or cleaning up or moving items around when they shouldn't be.

The person is always mid sentence as they have already started the argument/conversation thinking that someone is listening or that you, the victim, is in the room. All of these arguments/conversations start off quietly, unless the person is in a mood, then its pointless loud talking all the way.

After you, the victim, wonders into the room with the person, they continue talking but they don't quite acknowledge you. Sometimes they suddenly turn to face you and scream or they scream and answer their own questions without you, the victim having time to understand the situation.

By this point the person is in full swing of the argument and they is nothing you can do. If you try and talk over the person, more shouting. If you gently try and say something, there is outrage and more rhetorical questions that are answered. All answers that are said, are wrong.

With all the shouting and screaming, you, the victim, has the choice to run away or attempt to carry on with your own business, leaving the person arguing to themselves.

I should also add most conversations will turn into arguments. I advise to leave before it goes any further. But if this whole thing starts because the person started this conversation/argument when you were asleep, I'm afraid you're on your own as there is no logic to 'you asked me that when? When I was alseep? Then how do you expect me to know, I WAS ALSLEEP!'

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