Monday, 1 April 2013

March Hit, Miss or Maybe

1. Premium Rush
I have never seen a thriller/action film centered around couriers in New York City, until now. I like Joseph Gorden-Levitt and I like Michael Shannon, but this film was only ok. First off I really disliked JGL's cocky not it all risk it all character and the story itself was weak. He is sent to pick up and then deliver a mysterious envelope which is revealed early on and means nothing to anyone but two people. Most of the film is just bikes chasing other bikes. The redeeming element to this film is the strangely hilarious Michael Shannon, the future Zod of the new Superman film. He plays 'the bad guy' corrupt gambling addicted cop who chases JGL's Wiley, yes like the coyote, through New York city. Any interactions he has are funny, not sure if its intentional or not. Basically, the cop wants the envelope but Wiley wants to deliver it. Saying all this, it was a great distraction and fun to watch, but if you were looking for something with more bite, I don't recommend. MAYBE

2. Stoker
I loved everything about this film. I am an admirer of Park Chan-Wook's film 'I am a Cyborg' and everyone keeps going on about 'Oldboy' so my interest was peaked. Written by Prison Break actor, Wentworth Miller, the script was voted into the top 10 best unmade screenplays in 2010. The story was influenced by Hitchcock's 'Shadow of a Doubt' and not Bram Stoker or vampires. It has been described as a horror film but not in the conventional sense, there is barely if any, gore and surprises, at least that's how I felt. When India's father dies in a car accident, under mysterious circumstances, she is left with her estranged mother. But at the funeral she is introduced to Uncle Charlie, her father's younger brother whom she didn't know exsisted. No sooner has Uncle Charlie moved into the family home, people in the town start to go missing. Amazing trailer, that and the beautiful poster (not pictured) got me hooked. This is a masterpiece. HIT

3. Jack Reacher

I still have no idea what was going on in this film. Is it an action film? Is it a drama? A mystery thriller? No idea. All I know is that you don't mess with Reacher, no not Reacher he's so intimidating, he's dangerous, you can't find Reacher unless he finds you. I can't really explain what happens apart from, five people are killed, the DA's daughter is defending the shooter as she believes hes innocent. And then Jack Reacher gets involved then guns happen, beatings, snarky comments, and that's about all I can understand. The plot kept getting weird and changing direction, it was all over the place and the ending was sudden, I think. MISS

4. OZ: The Great and Powerful

I had been dying to see this film for a while. I love The Wizard of Oz and all its spin offs. Like Alice in Wonderland, I love the magical worlds, but where Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland disappointed me so much, OZ was amazing. You can see everything fall into place, although it took a while to get there ( long film) it was magical. The influence from the Judy Garland musical is all over this film and in a good way. It begins in the 1930s where Oz an amateur magician performs at a carnival, he is carried away into a tornado in a ht air balloon while escaping an angry husband of some woman he seduced. He lands in OZ and meets three witches. They believe he is the Wizard of the prophecy that the now dead king predicted. But of course he isn't. It's a great story and definitely belongs on the big screen. HIT

5. For a Good Time Call . . .

I was quite surprised at how funny this film was. Surprised because I thought it was just going to be a run of the mill girls make a sex line comedy but it is actually about friendship and starting up your own business. Actress Lauren Miller, who stars in the film wrote it with Katie Anne Naylon and they based the script on their experiences together as college room mates. The part of 'Katie' in the film was specifically wrote for Ari Graynor who is brilliant and should be in more films! The story is about two girls who disliked each other in college but after Lauren breaks up with her boyfriend and is left homeless her and Katie's mutual friends sets them up as room mates. This is when Lauren finds out that Katie works as a sex line operator. After she loses her job the two work together and create a legitimate business. It isn't a gross out comedy, it is genuinely funny and honest. Definitely worth seeking this out. HIT

6. The Croods

Everyone loves family movies and this is the definition of that. About a family of cavemen who live in a cave. They survive by only coming out when the sun is up and hunting as a team, for little reward. When Epp, the teenage daughter, meets Guy, he tells her the world is ending and that he traveling to the distant mountain for higher ground. Of course the family decide, after their cave is destroyed, to join him on this quest. Lots of family bonding and learning how to give way to new ideas, which is hard for cavemen. This was a welcome break in constant TV shows that were mainly all serious. It did better at the box office than Dreamworks previous release 'Rise of the Guardians', I can see why, even though I did prefer 'Rise of the Guardians'. This is more about family the other about myth. Aagin, no point in 3D, 2D is beautiful. HIT

7. Trance

After months of waiting, Danny Boyle's new film arrived. As I tried to convince my Dad to see it, I got as far as saying 'It's Danny Boyle's new film about this guy who works at an auction house and then he steals this painting' and my Dad said, 'yeh that sounds good, we'll see it'. But I'll continue the synopsis for those who aren't so familiar. Simon, an art auctioneer becomes involved with a group of criminals when they plan to steal Goya's Witches in the Air painting. But during the robbery, Simon is knocked unconcious and can't remember where the painting is. They use a hypnotherapist to help recover the missing painting. Of course there are twists aplenty and intrigue galore. It's a brilliant cast and its always good to see Vincent Cassel play this particular role (don't want to spoil it). The soundtrack is also quite perfect. Go watch it, the film is out now for you viewing pleasure. HIT

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