Wednesday, 27 March 2013

That Dress

I'm sure you all have one (ladies). That dress. Your favourite, the one you always want to wear but needed an excuse. That dress.

Well I had that dress. It was love at first sight. Plus, it was in the sale. I loved wearing it because it was unusual and it wasn't from Topshop. Back in college, if I went out, I had an excuse to wear it, and in University too. There are plenty of photos of me wearing it. It shows how much I loved it. I talk in the past tense of course as I have now had to say goodbye, simply, and I hate to say it, it doesnay fit around thee bust. Literally, the only reason, oh and it falling apart slightly.

I had to say goodbye to many a pair of beloved converse becuase of small tears that turned into giant rips but this dress, was special. If you looked at it, you'd think, 'er its brown, why is it special?' Think about your special item or dress and you'll realise, its special to you, only.

I have a culling of my things so often these days but I always keep hold of this. But in the latest cull, I had to let this dress go. I need the space and I can't keep hold of things for long or I'll end up hording EVERYTHING. I think its bad habit that runs in the family.

Farewell my lovely dress, you served me well.

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  1. aw sad. i do this aswell - keep things that dont fit anymore for sentimental reasons x