Saturday, 23 March 2013

Once Upon a Time There Was a Blog

Once upon a time, there was a girl. An ethnically confused girl. She was consumed by films, loved everything about them. Making, writing, reading, watching, breathing film. To let out the extra steam of wanting to talk about film, amongst other things, she decided to write a blog.

After writing her first post: her blog was launched onto the mystical land of the Internet.

But as we all know life isn't a fairytale so I will continue as I usually do.

Once again I had to be reminded about my blog's anniversary. Last year I completely forgot what day it was, turned out it was actually the 17th March and NOT February as I had thought. I know I'm late again with the anniversary post. The only reason I was reminded about it this year is that I saw my sister's lastest blog post, the crafty crazy had its anniversary today.

So much has happened this past year (mostly film) and just to see what, where and why, have a look in my history. I promise to do a proper revue next year. It'll be bigger next year as it will 3 years of ethnically confused babble and film obsessed rants. What more could you want?

I want to thank all those around the worlds who have been popping back to see what I'm going on about, its very much appreciated.

Next year I think I will have to have some sort of celebration that distracts from the usual St Patrick's day goings ons. Maybe some fireworks. Or if there is budget restrictions, maybe some sparklers.

Here's to another year of ethincally confused film fiction reality babble!!

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