Sunday, 4 May 2014

See The Sights in Black and White

I have had a role of black and white film in my camera for months! I started shooting in October when I went to Oxford for the day and after using the last of the role at Vauxhall City Farm the other week, I could get it developed.

Two days later, I picked up my CD (cheaper that way) with my prints on it from Snappy Snap who still develop B&W film. There aren't my best shots - mostly because of the contrast - but they aren't that bad.

Three Sheep - my first site of the farm, 2 black sheep and one white one

View from my Window - the view from the front door from where we stayed in Budapest

The Top - after taking a ride in the funicular up to the castle district, I was sacred of the height but I managed to get a little close to the edge

Silence - while walking around the Bodleian Library I took a couple of photos, mainly of the doors and walls

In the Shadows - walking around the streets of Oxford near to the Radcliffe Camera

Boats on the River - not far from the Botanical Garden 

Got my next role of film ready, watch this black and white space ....

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