Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Thank the Cosmos!


I'm sure all the fans of the show will have been either sick to death of the lead up to the finale or have been on the edge since 'Spacetime' episode. I have been both. I felt that the 'threat' of a dead agent was teased too soon and rather took away some of the excitement of what was happening in each episode. To be honest, when 'Fallen Agent' was first teased, I thought it was about Daisy betraying the team going a high Hive trip to the dark side. Especially as she was at the centre of the marketing. But Daisy/Skye has always been at the centre. Now that the 'fallen agent' has been revealed and that Hive is gone forever - oh please say he is because that shiz was getting old as frak - or as Coulson put it, a 'Ward reboot nightmare hell beast' was getting old, we can move on. We can all move on.

Of course, poor old moody Lincoln, was the agent to fall, but many predicted this. I remember him in season 2 being quite a good character but suddenly in season 3 he short circuit - ed and became love sick for Daisy and had an electric tantrum every few hours. But, like all Inhumans, he had a purpose, to save everyone else. Despite him being the obvious choice, I felt quite edge for most of the last episode. Fitz was wearing that jacket with the cross for far too long, but this was obviously a massive red herring, AS IF the writers would get rid of fan favourite. Fitz and Simmons (are now cannon) and are very much needed part of the team and a perfect little unit by themselves.

Let us take a moment to enjoy that fact that FitzSimmons survived and didn't have any horrible disastrous thing hurled at them. Let's face it, this is really why I wanted to write a AOS post. It's all about FitzSimmons, and Mack's arms. Lest we not forget those.

The progression of FitzSimmons has been absolutely amazing. The FitzSimmons fandom out there have been great. I've actually really embraced it all over the course of season 3, getting my fangirl on and loving it all. It felt like the writers of AOS were starting to make it a tradition with the lovable scientists, when it gets to a finale, they are torn apart, left for dead, swept away, left with an uncertain future. Fitz put it best, the cosmos was against them. But, the fates, or rather, the writers saw sense. Or more likely heard the fans cries and didn't rip them apart but in fact kept them together and even though they didn't appear in the '6 months later' segment, they were mentioned in a positive way.

FitzSimmons have come along way, over coming personal obstacles, brain injuries, being left on another planet and of course finally sharing their true feelings and having the courage to be together and not just in a science lab partner way. Writing this, I really think this post is for the Tumblr gang out there.

Thoughts on season 4 are that it look amazing as usual and I'm liking/dreading the fact that FitzSimmons has been working with Radcliffe. There are quite a few theories out there about what will happen, but I have a hunch, a science hunch, that FitzSimmons will be at the forefront of it, at least for the first half of the season. because this means they are at the forefront of the next storyline and that means danger. Danger Will Robinson! I'm also very excited and can rest until the show returns. I was reading last year's post just before the finale and by gad was I tortured for months after seeing Simmons disappear. I went round the house saying 'I can't cope!' for ages. But this time round I'm more grown up. Actually I just hide it well.

Until next season! Just can't wait for the DVD release now.

On a side note, I was enjoying the various artwork that surrounded the finale.

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