Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday Movie Picks: The Internet

I expected quite a few documentaries surrounding the theme of the 'internet' and a few fictions but I haven't seen that many about this theme, or at least I can't recall that many. Films like 'Hard Candy' has the theme running through the film as this is how the characters meet and is eventually the downfall of one. But I thought I'd go with...

I'm not if I'm ashamed to say or happy to say Catfish and Man On Wire got me back into documentaries. I used to watch the odd doc here and there but never really focused and sought out docs until after Uni. Catfish was definitely something that I feel sprang from my generation and now 'catfishing' is a 'thing' now. The film follows Nev as he starts a relationship with someone he meets online. How he 'meets' her is odd, in fact, the entire film is odd and along the way truths come out and things aren't quite as they seem. The film has been criticized for not being authentic and looking back, I can see it but some part of me believes the story is true.

The Fifth Estate
A dramatization of how Wiki leaks happened. The film charts how WikiLeaks started and the relationship between Julian Assange and co-creator Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Unfortunately due to the subject matter, I would have preferred a documentary instead. Sometimes dramatization of these stories don't have the pull or the punch to deliver a good story, especially if its a true one. Julian Assange has called the film a 'massive propaganda attack' and was in email contact with Benedict Cumberbatch during filming. The film obviously doesn't put Assange in a good light seeing the film is based on Domscheit-Berg's book. There's an interesting story but maybe not something for fiction.m

The Social Network
A story about Social Media and a the rise and downward spiral of friendship. This pick combines elements of the first two in a small way. Although this was based on a true story and real people, there was something something overwhelmingly brilliant about the film that I didn't leave saying I wish there was a documentary. Unlike the other two picks, I believe more of the story here. The film follow arrogant Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook. Together with Eduardo Saverin who CFO and business manager, the two build Facebook from the ground up. But eventually they're friendship and working relationship is tested and ultimately ruined. Such a good film, not without its controversies though. Several people portrayed in the film claimed inaccuracies, including Zuckerberg. But it doesn't matter when the film is brilliant.

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  1. Andrew Ellington26 May 2016 at 13:02

    Love seeing Catfish here! I didn't think I'd like the film much, mainly because the show looks so obnoxious and no one ever really talks about the movie, but I saw it and kind of thought it was brilliant.

    And of course, The Social Network is a masterpiece

  2. I wasn't keen on what I saw of the Catfish show, mainly because its just so awful. There are some crazy people out there. The film i liked but as I read more about it I question 'how' it was made.

  3. wendell ottley26 May 2016 at 14:57

    I've only seen The Social Network and loved it. Check out Brittany's site. There is a doc for the subject of The Fifth Estate.

  4. Aha! I will do - more info/insight is always helpful - especially in that subject.

  5. I never watched Catfish the movie but I LOVE the show. I'll watch marathons of it. Nice picks!

  6. Birgit Bedesky26 May 2016 at 17:59

    I have not seen CatFish but I do want to see The Fifth Estate even though it sounds...a bit boring. I disliked The Social network. I know, it got, and continues to get, lots of love but I was not enamoured with it at all

  7. Being slightly out of the loop I have to admit that until just now I didn't realize there was such a thing as Catfishing, it sounds disturbingly close to grooming so I'll be skipping that. I'd heard vaguely of The Fifth Estate but since you say it's rather weak and I'm not much of a Cumberbatch fan outside of The Imitation Game I'll probably not seek that out either. I absolutely hated The Social Network, it was agony to spend any time with those horrid people. Not to be completely negative all three fit the theme wonderfully!

    Even though I hate the film Social Network was the only one I could think of at first but after poking around a bit I did manage to come up with three. The last one is my favorite on the topic back when the internet was in its infancy.

    Untraceable (2008)-FBI Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) works in a division that fights cybercrime. World weary and jaded she is still shocked when confronted by a killer who posts live feeds of his crimes on his website, the more hits the site gets the faster the victim dies. Determined to stop him she and her team try to capture the killer before time runs out.

    The Net (1995)-Virtual recluse Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) is a software engineer who works from home as a freelance expert with few friends outside of cyberspace. One of those friends sends her a program with a weird glitch for her to de-bug. She discovers secret information on the disk just before taking her first vacation in years. While on that trip she meets an mysterious attractive stranger, finds herself embroiled in a web of computer espionage and her life endangered.

    WarGames (1983)-Young computer whiz David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) finds a backdoor into a system he mistakenly believes is devoted to games which he attempts to play. It turns out that he has accidentally infiltrated the US government’s computer and may have initiated the lead up to WWIII. Assisted by a young girl he’s sweet on (Ally Sheedy) and the inventor of the system he tries to stop the game before it’s too late. Made when computers on a personal user level were a relatively new phenomenon this is a solid adventure with a very winning Broderick in the lead.

  8. I haven't seen The Fifth Estate, though debating whether to see as, similar to what you said, the true story is probably more interesting. I know Oliver Stone has got a film about Edward Snowden coming out soon

    - Myerla

  9. YES! Finally someone who knows how to appreciate a great film. I don't get why The Social Network is getting so much hate.

  10. Thanks! I found the show way too weird - can't believe there are that many catfishers out there!

  11. I really wanted to see the documentary about Assange and Wiki leaks but the film is wortha watch.

  12. Love the film! I kinda see why its got hate - all successful/popular films will do - but I cannot share the love about it enough.

  13. I'm not sure I want to see the Edward Snowden film, even though its got a great lead in JGL but I'd rather watch the doc, Citizen Four.

  14. Hahahahah not a fan of my picks this week. Actually its great read opposing opinions, keeps things interesting right?

    Since quite a few people this week have picked The Net, I should make the efford to watch it. Sandra Bullock used to annoy the hell out of me until I saw The Heat. I have new respect for her now. So, The Net and Our Brand is Crisis will be next. I/ve steered clear of War Games, mostly as I was unsure about Brokerick, but, if hes good, I'll give it another try next time its on.