Monday, 5 September 2011

The Fox Whisperer

Just a short blog before I leave for Berlin.

The other day, my friend Amy and I decided to visit a park we used to go to when we were younger, I really wanted to go on the swings but of course there were some teenagers screaming about in the play area of the park. After they had left I finally got on the swings. We talked about the past until it got too cold to sit on the swings and walked back.

The park is on the other side of a dual carriage way and to get to the other side you have to go through a subway or underpass. When we reached the other side Amy spotted a fox trying to cross the carriage way on the other side. It slowly ventured across but it was too slow and I heard cars coming nearer, so I screamed out to the fox, 'Get out of the road! A car is coming fool!' and the fox looked up at us and then at the on coming cars and darted back. When it was safely back on the pavement I started clapping and cheering it, Amy thought I was crazy. It waited a while, watching the cars zoom past. Then I decided to call out to it again 'Use the underpass!' and I pointed towards the path. The fox looked at us, not moving. So I shouted again and Amy, amused said 'You seriously talking to a fox?' then, the fox walked down the path to the underpass tunnel.

After that we got excited and waited to see if the fox had actually gone through the tunnel. After about 10 minutes, there it was. The fox came through the tunnel and casually walked towards us before deciding to disappear through a garden fence. So now I think the foxes understand me or it could have been a fluke, either way, it was awesome!

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  1. awesome. you're like ludo only you call the foxes.