Friday, 23 September 2011

The Return of The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Part 6

To recap: Boris and Barbara had murdered the P.I who Jonathan had hired to spy on his wife, Kitty and her lover Devon Cain. But when the P.I confronted the Hogansteins he spoke of blackmail and money and no one knew what he was talking about.

Devon Cain was a decent sort of man and was always too happy to help out a friend. In this particular case, his friend, George McJanet whom he had know all his life, was in a tight spot. He had invested his money, a great deal of money, in a scheme. This hadn't gone according to plan and he had lost nearly all of it. He was debt and needed a little extra cash to stay afloat. This is when he asked his good friend Devon Cain to lend him some money. And, like I said, Devon Cain was only too happy to help. He was in a good place financially, recently bought a house in a well established neighbourhood and had rekindled his relationship with long lost love, Kitty, now Mrs Empire. He lent his friend a large sum of money happily and continued on his way. Little did he know that George McJanet was in a far greater debt than he realised. In a desperate attempt to make more money he began blackmailing a former collegue, a certain, Jonathan Empire.

Before leaving the firm where the two men had worked together and before putting all his money into that scheme, George had found out something about Mr Empire but had decided to keep it to himself until this moment. Remember I said that Jonathan had a some bad habits and secrets, well George had found out that Jonathan had not only been skimming money off the company but had also been having an affair with his secretary. A bit of a cliche, I know. George had kept it to himself thinking it was none of his business, but now it seemed the perfect opportunity for blackmail.

After sending the first note of blackmail to the Empire's front door, George noticed something. He saw Jonathan's wife, Kitty getting out of a car, with another man. Again, he saw the prime opportunity for blackmail, scandal and money. But then he saw who the man was, Devon Cain. His heart stopped. What should he do? He walked around the neighbourhood for a good few hours trying to think clearly about what to do next. A light came on in the house opposite, a man walked up the steps to the door and before he could open it, a woman stood there in the doorway. She kissed the man and grabbed his tie and pulled him inside. George walked over to the house, walked up the steps and almost tripped on a letter that hadn't been posted. He picked it up and read the name: Mr & Mrs B. Hoganstein. And from that moment a plan was put in motion. A plan that would end in murder, lies and later arson.

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