Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Part 7

So far in this story, things have happened quite out of place and important players and characters have been introduced at the last minute. But this should shed some light on the P.I that Jonathan Empire had hired to spy on his wife. He had also hired the P.I to find out who was blackmailing him about the office affair and company money. The P.I had hit a dead end with the blackmailing. He had questioned everyone who was connected to Mr Empire, he had investigated the wife to see if she was involved, he had followed the secretary for a week straight to see if she was to blame, but nothing.

It was the night of the Halloween Ball and after an afternoon of spying on Mrs Empire and Devon Cain the P.I went to his usual pub for a drink. He had just sat down when he was approached by a man. He claimed to have worked with Jonathan Empire and knew who the blackmailer was. George McJanet gave all the notes from the blackmailer to the P.I and told him a fictional tale about the Hogansteins. Thinking he finally had had a breakthrough, the P.I thanked George and immediately went to confront the Hogansteins. And we all know what happened to him when he got there.

While the Hogansteins were murdering the P.I, George McJanet went to see his friend, Devon Cain. He felt he should warn him about Jonathan and tell him the truth about his debt. He called him first, said he would meet him at the ball that evening. But George never made it to the ball.

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