Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Basking in July & Roasting marshmallows at a BBQ

This weekend more films were consumed, marshmallows eaten and sparklers lit!

After buying simply superb hat which Dunia said I should buy (excellent advise) I took it out for its first outing to London Southbank. I was early for the Miranda July talk so I basked in the sun and ate an apple while listening to Fred Astaire. A very good moment.

So then I went to my long awaited Miranda July Masterclass and I was sat in the front row feeling very awkward. I don't usually go for the front row, mostly because they are always sold out or because I know I'll feel uncomfortable.This time though, was really good. Annoyed at first as the Masterclass started really late which meant I couldn't go see The Artist after, but then when it started I forgave the poorly timed events and sunk into Miranda July world.

I thought after she denied me permission to adapt one of her short stories I wouldn't forgive her (I haven't) but listening to her talk about all her projects (she is a performance artist, writes fiction and makes films) she held my attention for the entire two hours. She mentioned briefly that she is writing her up coming novel and how she planned to make a film where the audience participated. She wanted to have words on the screen where all the men in the world talk to all the women in the world. All awesome ideas. I am yet to see The Future as I missed it at the London Film Festival and the screening at the Tate Modern but after seeing a few clips from the film I can't wait! After the talk I wanted to run home and draw on my shoes and watch You Me and Everyone We Know but instead I strolled home and got ready for drinks for my friends birthday. And it did it all while trying to search for the film's soundtrack.

After a very hectic, drunk, expensive but very good previous night I woke up early on Sunday and made cupcakes. Like you do. Then I got the tube to a pretty awesome unusual Autumn BBQ. Unusual because we all sat outside in blankets and coats in the cold weather and watched The Addams Family while roasting marshmallows. We also lit some sparklers and some fireworks. Halloween was thrown in too with some carved pumpkins in the garden.

After that awesome weekend I had the worst day at work and I found out something awful. I had missed the UK Adventures of Tintin Premiere, I had missed Jamie Bell. But more on that later.

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