Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Write Make Work Watch

I've just noticed how I've totally neglected my blog and haven't written anything in over a week! Sorry about that, usually I'm more on top of things.

In my defense I have been trying to write 2 (now 3) scripts for three different reasons. Two are for two different competitions and one is, well just for me for the moment. But I haven't gone past idea sketching phase. Going through a bit of writer's block trying to write these ideas down.

Another source of distraction from blogging has been my other blog (Boring Fish Cards). I've been making more cards and badges and actually selling them! Hazaars all round!

And of course I have been looking for work, the biggest distraction of them all! Apart from watching films of course. Only two films at the cinema since last post, Jurassic Park and What's Your Number. Before you say, 'what!' everyone likes to watch a rubbish predictable film every now and then. So how could I say no to a comedy with Chris 'Captain America' Evans and Anna Faris? It was actually quite funny. As for the classic that is Jurassic Park, I don't need a reason. Its awesome dinosaurs, Sam Neil's hat, the Laura Dern face and Jeff Goldblum's quotes: JOHN:"All theme parks have delays, when Disney Land opened in 1952, nothing worked." IAN:" Yeah, John, but when Pirates of the Carribean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists"

In future I will try and blog more often starting with the last few parts to the Hoganstein story . . .

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