Friday, 14 October 2011

The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Final Part

Like all stories, this one has come to an end. And like all stories this one ends with heartbreak, death and a cleansing fire.

As Kitty lay on the ballroom floor crying her eyes out, the police were called. With all the confusion inside, a few guest went outside for fresh air. There they found Devon Cain's body and there was more screaming, though this time from other guests. The staff tried their best to calm people down and corner off the areas where the bodies were.

Throughout this confusion and mayhem Boris Hoganstein sighed and quietly slipped away from the crowds. He calmly walked upstairs and went into a deserted room. He had taken a case of alcohol with him, taken from the bar downstairs and placed into the middle of the room. He sighed again and paused for a moment.

Barbara waited downstairs near the front entrance. She looked at the people in the ballroom, Kitty on the floor, Jonathan's body covered by a table cloth and closed her eyes. She had hoped that it wouldn't have come to this but there was no other way out.

Boris began emptying the bottles, pouring the liquid on the curtains, on the furniture and on the carpet. When all the bottles were empty he reached into his waistcoat pocket and took out a box of matches. He struck a match and dropped it on the soaking carpet. It lit up immediately.

Barbara opened her eyes. The police had arrived and were taking Kitty away, she didn't struggle. Other police officers were talking to other guests, getting statements about what happened. She looked up at the stairs to where her husband had gone. She thought about what he had said just before Kitty had shot her husband. Their secrets would come out sooner or later. Who knew what that P.I had found out, his notes could be in the Empire house, the police would find them and then what? He had said there was one way out of this. She had nodded, kissed him and whispered in his ear, 'Do whats best my love'.

From where she stood she could see one of the room light up with flames, smoke began to fill the air, people looked up in awe. Someone shouted FIRE and soon everyone was charging for all the available doors. Barbara didn't move. She couldn't, not until she saw him. The lower floors began to blaze and still she waited. Smoke filled the air, she could hardly see. Then she felt someone grab her hand a pull her towards the open door.

Outside, hundreds of people stood staring at the house on fire. It was incredible to see. Boris pulled Barbara out of the house and onto the green grass and away from the crowds. She turned to face him, embraced him as if she would never let go. He whispered in her ear, they both took one last glance at the fire and disappeared in the darkness, hand in hand.

So ends this tale of Boris and Barbara Hoganstein but for this strange couple their affairs are not yet over and there are far more scandalous tales to tell . . .

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