Friday, 5 July 2013

Into The Unknown Book World

I know I pledge to read the printed word but I was mostly talking about magazines and maybe a few books.

Right now I am interning (I know I've gone full circle of disaster) and its development work, something I wanted to do since University. I'm getting a bit more of a taster of development, drama anyway, and its been good, the office is amazing. It's like walking into a library but there are also desks and its 2 mins away from a Starbucks. BUT. Yes there is a but. I don't get to choose what I read and write coverage ( a sort of report) about.

My first task was as yet unpublished manuscript and for plenty of legal and moral reasons I cannot give away any information about the story and author. I will say this; reading a 300 page book, aimed at 9 year old boys of a laptop is not an easy task to take on. It is basically just like another series of books but its set in Japan the hero is British/American. There are parts that are exciting but overall I did bash my head against the keyboard a few times. I really don't enjoy reading off my laptop screen. You can all look forward to this unknown book I talk about as it is out next year, with sequels to follow. I am painfully aware that the book is not aimed at the likes of me but still, I can comment in the story. It was so so. Writing the coverage was fun though.

My current task or should I say tasks. The latter. I am reading the first book in a series from a very popular author but the genre is new to me. New Adult. I am familiar with Young Adult, I still read that genre. The Hunger Games is in the YA genre believe it or not. But New Adult is new. It is far easier to read and the characters are usually all the same. Think Fifty Shades of Grey and thousands more books like it. The book, I should mention, is a cross between NA and YA, so not as sexually charged as other books in this genre.

I have great respect for the authors of these novels, some of them churn out a 300 page novel everything few months. To me, that is quite a task. The covers are ridiculous though, always a man and woman either in the rain, holding hand or wrapped around each dripping in sweat or something similar. I am researching the genre so each day I discover a new and 'exciting' author and their books. There are 4 books in the series I have to read, wish me luck.

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