Thursday, 11 July 2013

Just One of The Fans

The other day, I got up early to go the office, early. I had intended to get their early so I could leave early. 

But that was until I saw an event on Facebook (like you do) saying there was a signing. Not just any signing though. To celebrate the up coming release of The World's End, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would be signing of posters of the new film in the afternoon. There was a limited amount of people allowed (200) and they would be given wristbands.

I, of course rushed to HMV in the morning, early, to make sure I got a wrist band. 

Later that day, I got to HMV way too early for the signing and wondered around for a bit before going to stare at books in Waterstones. I got back to HMV bang on time to see the other 199 people waiting in que. We, the loyal and eager fans, all waited for ages for the three to turn up. They were 45 mins late. Not to mention that they were also in a rush as they had to be on a TV show later that day. So we weren't allowed photos unless it was from the que and instead of the DVDs, they were only signing posters. Can't be helped.

I didn't mind, I was meeting them. I had met Edgar Wright before, briefly at Movie Con a few years back. I have a blurred photo my friend took to prove it.

I was annoyed in the queue though as this totally douche had shuffled in front of me, I tried to trip him up, but in vain. He shuffled past the guy in front of me too, I really wanted to punch him. I hate queue jumpers, what's the point of pushing in front of two people?? None you fool! I really hope his signed poster was ripped or damaged on his way to dungen. 

Away, they were really cool (we had a little banter), just wish I could have had a photograph with them or a proper one of them.

When I got home an hour later, guess who was The One Show (terrible show by the way). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being interviews about the film. So they really did have to rush right over.

No idea where I'm going to put my poster . . .


  1. cool! You're always so on the ball about these things. x

  2. So awesome foxo!! What did you say to them? I would have wet myself :) x

    1. heheh they asked how I was, I said hot, and mentioned my heavy bag, they said take it off, i said can't, ts precious and as security was shoving me away they called out not to let it out my sight and keep it safe x

  3. i'm beyond words jealous


    1. I'm sure they'll be back for another signing when the DVD is out