Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Watching 9 til 5 (actually 11pm)

Could not believe my luck.

I finally won something or got through to something on IdeasTap and it is thanks to this blog actually. The event was advertised as a ' #film  blogging workshop' where people who have had a blog, relating to film, for over a year can improve their skills and blog posts. Unfortunately due to the short notice I couldn't make all the days. This meant I actually missed the workshop part of the event. The event, Media & Trade Preview Event, UKCINEMASHOWCASE ran from Sunday to Wednesday.

I'm really annoyed I missed the first two days of the event, absolutely gutted but I'm hoping I'll get a second chance at another event.

Another unfortunate thing is that because it was a preview event, I can't talk about all the films I saw, I can't even mention some of them by name. I had to sign a few embargoes. So I apologise now if the rest of this post is frustrating.

Tuesday was a very long day. 9 am start and straight in with a Friday release, #TheWorldsEnd. I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the schedule, in fact the entire schedule. I'll review The World's End after this Friday when I plan to see it again. I didn't get out of the cinema until near midnight, the last film ran long, but over all it was damn worth it.

Wednesday was also an early start but a shorter day, which I didn't mind as I was really tired, and the film I saw before lunch was just too long, I actually drifted off for a bit.

Between each film I wrote a few notes down which I will save for the film's releases so as I don't break any rules. But I can list a few films I did see, no opinion attached, for now.

Films included; #TheWorldsEnd, Hawking, The Lone Ranger, Pain & Gain, The Frozen Ground, Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Watch this space for reviews and things!

Thank you #IdeasTap !

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