Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Starting Point

So, I have written two short stories featuring the same characters and I have decided that one would make a good short film.

Yesterday I gathered various pictures to use in the first step of this idea, I made a moodboard! Not traditionally used for film (as far as I know) but I remember making a ton of them when I did textiles for GCSE and they captured what I was truly aiming for when making a garment.

The image is actually much bigger, A3 to be precise. I tried to give it the look that all the pictures had been ripped from magazines and books, like a scrapbook.

Anyway, this sums up the feel of the film. Late nights, midnight screenings, movies, noir undertones, intrigue and movie theatres. Mostly empty movie theatres as that is the setting for the stories.

It's just a start but I wanted to share my progress.

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