Monday, 5 August 2013

And Then It Rained

After that uplifting title, I should share some good news. It's not good news but it is news that isn't lame. I have decided to push forward an idea (hint, look on my fiction page) and I have started planning. Well it will be more like a pitch to people I want to work with me on the project.

Back to today. It was a really bad day. I could feel it.

It started when my phone alarms failed to go off and my radio faffed up. Bad days usually start like this. But the real hint of a bad day was on its way was when the security guard at the studio was rude to me, for no reason.

Today I had managed to get some temp work, with the hope of more work later on, at a tele shopping channel. The studio was near to where I live and they were going to pay me. The hours were as expected, 7am -7pm. I was looking forward to it as I have been told by the recruitment agency lady that everyone was friendly and that I'd love it there. Oh how wrong she was.

The security guard lady was rude to me, for no reason, called me lazy because I didn't open the door. How the hell was I supposed to know what to do if she didn't communicate to me which damn door! I was ushered into a small reception area. Half yelled at what to do with my bag, had to stuffed into a locker and was stared at by the other temps. It was weird, no one was smiling or anything, blank faces. I was then shuffled into the corridor then ordered to sit in the canteen with no exclamation, or the while the other temps just stared and yes, spoke in another language. In fact that happened throughout the day. I'd ask a question and I'd be ignored as they all spoke in their shared other language, that or they just looked at me and shrugged their shoulders.

I was then left waiting in the middle of a stock room, no one told me what to do, who anybody was. I was ignored when asked what should I do then eventually a guy, the only nice person of the day, helped me. He told me what to do, where to sign my timesheet, where things were but unfortunately he was in another building in the afternoon.

Basically I was ignored, not told anything, people were unfriendly, well apart from that one guy, but even he didn't introduce himself and the other security guard was rude every single time I went to get something from my bag. He yelled at me but didn't explain the rules just acted like I should automatically know. Absolute bastard.

I didn't even get to finish my hours because they ran out of work for me to do. Anyone who knows me, I hate doing nothing, I need to be doing the job I came to do. Ended up leaving a few hours early, which also means I miss out on that pay, but when I asked who do I talk to about my timesheet, the other temps just kept saying a random name and 'you know him right?' and when I said no, its my first day for the hundredth time, they just shrugged their shoulders and literally ran off like school children.

Eventually I had to follow someone to where the managers where. I was told it was ok to go. Another hideous moment with the worst security guard in the world and I stepped out into the pouring rain, soaked from walking out to the bus stop right outside. I looked like a drowned rat. I put my cardigan over my head, I did look amusing walking down the street.

This may sound like I'm whining but after scrabbling round the floor counting plastic jewellery pieces, and having to bend into endless giant boxes to count pillow cases, I have had enough. I felt liked to. People were not friendly. It sucks even more after having had a really good time at my internship and even though my admin job was lame, I loved working with my team, and for it to come down to this awful day, just make me angry.

But as always, never going to give up, just keep on trying. Going to stay positive.


  1. oh no - that sounds horrible! You should let the agency know how you were treated at that company (especially the security guards) - don't they give feedback to them?

    you're blog design is looking good btw - i love that marker pen font x

    1. i will let them know as soon as. waiting to be paid first then I'll complain.

      Thanky! I'm going to add things, take away things and yeh I liked the font, thought it fit x