Sunday, 3 November 2013

And It Started With Boots

Boots, lovely boots! Great for walking, long days filming, long days walking, travelling, kicking, jumping, not running but just great boots. 

My boots have been a creative asset to me. I'm not sure how many people would agree with me but I have been inspired while wearing all my DMs or I have just been inspired to write a character, depending which boot I am wearing. They have magical powers plus they are so comfortable, and perfect for any destination, apart from a Wedding or something like that.

I got my first pair of DrMartens boots in 2009 and I haven't worn any other type since, apart from work shoes and interview shoes of course. I do love my boots.

My purple boots have been on film shoots with me, on many trips to the New Forest, to the beach, even to Berlin. These were my adventure boots.

My tall black boots with roses were an impulse buy from a DrMarten specialty shop in Camden. I saw them, loved them so without thinking bought them. I haven't worn these nearly as much as the purple, these are my 'special occasion' boots or 'winter weather' boots. Very useful in the snow.

You may have seen these bright yellow boots from my Cornwall posts. These are now my adventure boots, having travelled frequently all over London in them, to Cornwall, these boots have seen Land's End and most recently, Oxford. I think these are my inspiration boots though, as I've written some short stories and started my novel while wearing them. 

I had hoped to add these beauties to my boot collection, thus expanding the creative boot menagerie, but for the moment my old reliables aid me in my writing quest.


  1. You should definitely get those other ones - they remind me of tattoos x

    1. i am going to try, but i have a feeling that they were limited editions x