Sunday, 10 November 2013

Crafts and Cocktails

I know its been a while, a week in fact, but I'm finally back to the blog. I confess, I needed a week to settle into my new job, I'll probably need more time but I'm off this weekend so I made the most of it.

I made the most of it first by sleeping in on Saturday, a well deserved sleep. I'm actually still incredibly tired but enough of sleep, I dream of sleep. After having midday breakfast, something that I will not repeat as I was disgusted with myself. I met my sister at Whitechapel station in the afternoon. I want it on the record that I dislike this station very much. No place to get a coffee for miles, not matter which direction you walk.

We had planned to have cocktails in the eve, happy hour specifically, as I had mentioned early on in thr week 'I REALLY need a drink' but before cocktails were consumed we went along to The Old Truman Brewery for the Renegade Christmas Craft Fair, in Brick Lane. It was beautiful but vast.

There were so many stalls to look at, I wanted everything! In a way it was worse than going into shops and wanting things because shops have the same things but each and every stall was unique! Plus all the things on sale were unique! Both my sister and myself managed to buy a few things for Christmas presents, that was initial intent for going to the market but I admit I bought a couple of goodies for myself.

I always see the earrings at craft fairs but never buy them. I saw these by Jo Want and all it took was for my sister to pick them up and say 'danglies' to each other a few times and I bought them. There was a particular stall with 'make your own embroidered animal' kits, the results were adorable but as I am not so great at embroidering, I could but stare and admire. Made by Kirikipress, have a look at the website here.

We wondered around the vast area two times, once to view, second to buy, then we decided after a successful haul, it was HAPPY HOUR TIME!

We walked along to Shoreditch and actually ended up in the bar next to The Shoreditch where I had my birthday. The bar, which I can't actually recall the name of, was amazing! The tables and wall decor were really cool and the cocktails, oh my they were delicious. We each sampled three from the menu, I remember one was called 'The face planter'. We also have some mini tacos and of course, because there was a mexican vibe going on, we had nachos!

Excellent place, plus the happy hour went on until 8. Let off steam and stuffed ourselves silly with the food. Had an awesome time!

As for my Sunday, I am spending it wisely, doing all the things I couldn't do during the week, such as laundry and lots of TV catch up, plus, writing this overdue post.

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