Sunday, 9 February 2014

We Turned On The Juice

We've done Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Ghostbusters and last night was BEETLEJUICE!

Yes it was the return of the drinking game slash celebrating things yesterday. After a pretty bad few last hours at work I met up with my friends, who seem to be making this a tradition, which I like. We had a booze of choice ready, that delicious Jack Daniel's with honey whisky, and then we drank!

The film, Beetlejuice, the rules, as follows:

-Drink whenever someone says Beetlejuice (obviously)
-Drink whenever someone mentions death or ghosts
-Drink when you see the handbook
-Drink when someone smokes
-Drink when you see the sculptors or when they attack someone (happens more than you think)
-Drink whenever Lydia says something morbid or depressing
-Drink when a character enters another reality
-Drink when you see the sandworms
-Drink when Beetlejuice grabs his crotch and says 'Nice fuckin' model'
-And the shot moment or down your drink moment is when the prawn hands grab the guests faces

Of course, like we always end up doing, we drank to other moments such as when Charles Deetz makes bird noises or when you see what Delia Deetz is wearing when she's cooking, those trousers are insane! We also ended up drinking whenever Beetlejuice was on screen or is name appeared too. As you might have guessed, we were very drunk, especially as the drink we had were very strong. Next time we agreed less strong drinks and shots involved too, just so we keep at a steady pace.

Over all, it was a good film and lots of drinking, exactly what we all needed. Until next time, drinking game fans.

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