Friday, 21 February 2014

You Can Never Out Fox The Foxo

It was a first day, my first time I had ever been to Spitalfields Market. I know, gasp, horror! There isn't really a reason why I hadn't, it seemed far to me and other people were surprised and kept telling me to go, so I made use of my day off and walked on down to the market. And I had the best excuse to finally go. Foxo.

My friend, Foxo, we call each other by this name, too long a story to explain but anyway, she now has a stall in the market, next to her sister's stall, Loulabelle Couture.

First off, I loved the market, everyone seemed so laid back and all the stalls were really amazing, I had a quick look around but stayed at my friend's stall. Click to have a look at her website. Emily Attwood Photography. On sale at the stall, are high quality prints, cards, postcards, mugs and coasters.

Had a good long catch up over coffee and nachos, inches away from the stalls, got to know a few market inside secrets (and jokes). I was even given an awesome Christmas present AND a little present direct from the stall. Foxo, did it again. This awesome coaster sits proudly on my desk now.

It was great to visit somewhere new in London I hadn't explored/visited. I do love markets that are crafty and creative. If anyone wants to recommend another craft type market place or just a really good market to visit, I'm open to suggestions.

This has been a short but sweet post.

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