Monday, 9 June 2014

Building An Empire

I, like many others, am a collector. Nothing sinister, just the usual films, books, mugs, postcards, that sort of thing. One thing I have always collected many of was magazines.

Does anyone (in the UK) remember Girl Talk magazine? A very innocent publication that used to come with photos of cute animals, usually of the fluffy variety. There were games and quizes about who your best friend is and light hearted stories about living on a farm.  I had so many of these magazines that I ended up hoarding some of them at my Nan's house. Eventually I through all of them away.

When I grew up slightly and went to secondary school, I bought Bliss magazine. Instead of fluffy animals, there were posters of random male models - age appropriate. The articles were about 'how to get a boyfriend' and questionnaires about what type of boy would like you and what hairstyle you should have. Pretty basic crap really. I am not proud of my Bliss phase, luckily it didn't last long. Those magazines barely gathered dust on my shelves. In the bin they went. To be honest, I only bought Bliss magazine because it was cheaper than the other teen magazines and its A5, fit in my bag perfectly.

By Year 10 I was reading NME. Everyone has started getting into music. Most girls would be buying Heat and Hello! or if there were rich, Vogue. But as there was nothing to read in those magazines, I opted for something fun and again, cheap. NME was about £1.85 back then. But then again, each week, it adds up. I kept my NME magazines for years, got rid of most of them when I went to college because I needed room. Plus, by then, I had actually stopped buying it. I stopped buying them by the end of Year 11. Only they ever had on the cover was Pete Doherty and I had no interest in that guy. I did buy a copy last year but that was because the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were on the cover.

Throughout all these magazine phases, I have always loved film and wanted to read about film - well maybe except the Girl Talk phase. I bought my first Empire magazine in 2003. Why? It was a film magazine and the cover image was from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I was obsessed with LOTR when it first came out but had only bought books about Middle Earth. I was in Tesco and my mum said that I can buy a magazine, I used to avoid the 'men's section, which was where the film magazines were. This annoyed me so much. Film is not gender specific. But on this day I spotted the cover and had to buy it.

From that day in 2003, I have bought all but 2 issues of the magazine. Empire, you are brilliant and extremely addictive.

Here is my stash, it is vast and heavy and has had to be moved many times as the pile gets bigger and bigger. Every time I move the pile, I end up looking back over past issues. I have to say, I'm quite proud of my collection.

While still in school, I was obsessed with films and wanted to read it in the open. But, I went to a girl's school so reading a non faff magazine, I was indeed made fun of. Someone even said to me 'why are reading a men's magazine? Is porn isn't it?' Ignorant person. I put them straight and put them down. It's a film magazine bitch and its not a men's magazine, it's my magazine!

My collection is still ever growing but I am worried that the bottom of the cupboard will cave in, it is creaking these days. 

Happy 300th issue Empire!

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