Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Watch List

After an 'in your face' start with Jude Law monogloguing about his cock while a fellow inmates is on his knees, the story takes a violent then humorous turn. Dom Hemmingway is vile and angry but he has 12 very good reasons. After keeping his mouth shut for his criminal boss, Dom gets sent to prison for12years. When he is released he wants his money. Plus interest. And a present. At first you think the film is about him getting his money and after it's stolen, about getting it back but it's not. The film turns sentimental and loses its edge but the story picks up after a funny scene with Dom running the road after a woman on a scooter. Foul mouthed, most if the time unessarcary, but it's funny in a black comedy sort of way. It's also great to see Jude Law playing this sort of character. Richard E Grant is also brilliant though not featured enough. 3\5

2. Frank

Just like the trailer says, 'how would you describe Frank?' It's a part comedy, part serious drama about mental illness and musical adventure and coming to terms with loss. It's a beautifully amazingly made film. A group of oddball musicians, each with their own strange habits and characteristics who cling together to make an album that never gets made. The story is linear but in a way isn't. The cast is brilliant and are willing to go crazy and weird, especially Michael Fassbender who plays Frank covered up by a plastic head throughout the film. He is a brilliant actor as he conveys Frank's emotions without a face. The ending is really sad but works so well coming full circle. I highly reccommend you listening to this awesome song featured at the end of the film: 4/5 

Monsters! Big monsters! But shouldn't be watched in 3D. I saw it in good 3D but still, not needed. I enjoyed it. The monster parts anyway. The human cast were not no compelling, especially Aaron Johnson-Taylor who is the man with no face throughout the film. I love the director, Gareth Edwards, the genius behind Monsters (2010) and I still love his work, he has a style but not to everyone's taste. 3/5

I love a good thriller plus the novel was written by The Talented Mr Ripley author. Three people become intertwined in a murder, escape and betrayal story. An American couple, Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, seem like they are simply on holiday in Greece, but after they meet American con artist Oscar Issac, the truth comes out. For me, the film was about the two men and their relationship, the awkward father son/accessories to murder. Dunst is actually good in her role than is more than, wife role, but still plays out as a secondary character. Oscar Issacs is great. He's still at the stage where he gets good roles that aren't Hollywood bollacks. It's a tad predictable towards the end and the final scene is ridiculous but it's a good suspenseful story. An added photo of Oscar Isaac. 3/5

Sci-if, battles and aliens plus Harrison Ford, brilliant. Alas, the film is lacking a charismatic lead. Butterfield is dull and not a good actor although he plays loney genius we'll he was still very annoying to watch. Thank gad for the vast supporting cast. The ending had a good a bit of a cop twist. A huge lead up to 'the' battle of the film only to be seen on screens. The training portion of the film was fun to watch especially the battles between groups at the training centre in space. But as I said, the film lacked something. Probably a soul. 3/5

This is not a Woody Allen film, he just acts in it. The writing, directing AND acting comes from one of my favourite actors, John Turturro. Film fans will know him from various indie films and O Brother Where Art Thou. Uncultured heathens will know him from Transformers. I shudder. I haven't see any of his other film but I will now. Allen plays a retired bookseller who pimps out his friend, Turturro, to his rich doctor and her friend after they say they want a threesome. Amusing premise and follows through as a gentle comedy. In another hands this film would become awful and too sexual but this film crafted well, apart from the third part of the film when it's gets very Jewish suddenly and I'm not sure why it needed too. The side story of Turturro falling in love with a rabbi's widow from a strict community but it was nice as a side element to the film. Still, Allen is very funny, has the best lines as, Dan Bongo. 3/5

Mutants fighting human oppression. It's a theme used throughout all the X-Men films in some way. Mutants trying to kill all humans is also a familiar theme. Someone complained that this is all the film ever follow. I disagree. As well as the those main themes that feature, it's also about evolution and of course friendships between the mutants and how they cope with their own abilities. There is a wider picture that should be looked at. There was a big hype about the film and for me it paid off, even though it basically cancels out most the events in The Last Stand, thank god. People have moaned about this too. I think it's a good thing. People have also moaned that the mutants don't get a lot of screen time. Who cares!!! It's great to see them all there. My favourite mutant doesn't even feature in the film at all but I still loved the damn film. Now I have a new favourite, Quicksilver.
Anyone who is familiar with the various X-Men story lines you already know about sentinels that kill mutants. In the future, these sentinels are hunting mutants in Barron wastelands, the few X-Men that are left are travelling from place to place to avoid capture. They decide to send Wolverine back in time to the 70s to convince younger Charles and Erik to join together and stop Mystic from ruining everything basically. Not everyone from First Class makes it back in the film. Which is annoying but realistic. New mutants are introduced, even non speaking ones. It's great to see more mutants appearing, the variety is better. Can't say much more as it would be spoilers, apart from the Quicksilver scenes are the best. The word is he will be back for Age of Apocolyspe, which is excellent news. 

Ignore the hype and go see this brilliant film but don't bother with 3D. 4/5

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