Sunday, 15 June 2014

It's Been 10 Year Since We Learnt Those Plastics Rules

After Napoleon Dynamite recently celebrated it's 10 Year Anniversary, it brought another film to my attention that had celebrated its 10 year. The teen movie that really did define my school years. The film that was no your typical teen high school movie. The film that first had me being obsessed with Tina Fey. Of course its Mean Girls.

I remember the film being at the cinema back in 2004. I was in Year 9. God I feel old. Everyone had seen it and was talking about, so my friend and I, late to the party, saw it after the initial hype. Laughed all the way through and didn't stop quoting it after.

I remember I got a free poster/mini magazine in a random bigger magazine. I had no idea who Tina Fey was why her name was so big on the poster. The mini mag had the layout of the cafeteria and the rules for being a plastic. It was so cool!

Those were days when the 'plastics' weren't famous (well only two of them are), Tina Fey still hadn't made an impression in the UK and Lindsay Lohan was not the media mess she is now. Things were simple back then

This evening in fact, my friend (been friends since we were 5) and I loved the film back in 2004 and watched it again. It's still just as amazing and yes we could still quote it all. From the Burn Book to Miss Norberry to Damien being 'too gay to function' to that bus hitting Regina George to not really knowing who Glen Coco is. Its a classic. But then all the best (and only good) teen movies come out every 5 years and are based on a book.

Tina Fey wrote the script after reading a psychology book and partly based it on Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. "It's kind of a how-to guide for girls and parents of how to get through middle school and high school basically when girls are being so mean to each other. But when I read it, I actually thought it was kind of funny because the things that girls do and the way that girls will mess with each other is sort of ingenious. So I thought that there was a lot to write about there." - Tina Fey on writing Mean Girls.

The film now has a cult following and its not surprise why. The film is filled with witty dialogue and as i've already said, filled with quotable lines and characters that you can either elate to in a bizarre way or at least know/knew of people like those portrayed in the film. Having gone to an girls school when this film was released, I have known my fair share of mean girls.

After going to a Mean Girls: Quote A-long at the Prince Charles Cinema in London last year I can safely say that future generations will be enjoying this film or years, because let's face it, it is so fetch!

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